bundle of lavender cleaning goodness with tote bag

bundle of lavender cleaning goodness with tote bag

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This bundle has all of the benefits of lavender to use in your laundry and throughout your home.  You will receive our 5 handcrafted natural lavender laundry & cleaning products.  

With your purchase of our bundle of lavender goodness, you will receive

1. a 16oz. glass jar of our lavender laundry soap with a tblsp. wooden measuring scoop

2. a reusable organic lavender dryer sachet

3. an 8oz. glass bottle of our lavender linen and room spray, perfect for your linens to aid you in a restful sleep, it's also lovely to naturally freshen your entire home

4. our favorite natural cleaner, a 12oz. glass jar of lavender kitchen & bath cleaner

5.a 16oz. jar of lavender carpet freshener, to freshen your carpets and vacuum

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, organic French Grosso lavender buds, pure therapeutic grade French Grosso lavender essential oil

good for you, good for this little planet we call home.