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lavender kitchen and bath cleanser

The Old White House

lavender kitchen and bath cleanser

$ 8.00

This wonderful cleanser/scouring powder is full of the kind of natural cleaning power that your kitchen and bathroom deserve. Combining powerful cleaning ingredients with organic lavender essential oil for a lovely scent and powerful antibacterial properties to boot!
Sprinkle a small amount out of the pretty jar for a hard working scrub on your sink, pots and pans, bath and shower, you can also make a paste with a small amount on a wet sponge for tough grease and soap scum, or put a tsp or two in a pail of warm water for mopping and cleaning painted woodwork.
When you remove the cardboard insert our cleanser acts like a room freshener sitting on your counter!

All of our products are made to be used sparingly, so a little goes a long way!

sodium borate, sodium carbonate, pure therapeutic grade French Grosso lavender essential oil

12 ounce jar with daisy shaker top.

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