Hello, We at The Old White House know that recent events can be very stressful to you, and our lavender products are wonderful natural stress relievers. Because of that we are offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40. use code freeshipping40 at checkout. We are also adding a FREE LAVENDER SACHET to every order to do our bit to help relieve any angst you may be feeling. My family and I thank you for your continued support. Take good care of you and yours~ Theresa xoxo

nice things said by nice people...

*I have light Formica counter tops that hold onto stains. I used the cleanser on orange pop stains left overnight. Again, the cleaner did the job.  I'm a customer for life!!!

*Really love her laundry soap for my Cloth Diapers!!!

*Theresa, When I got home last night I plopped my goodies on the counter for the night. When I came down stairs this morning, first thing I was hit with was a waft of lavender goodness. Lovely! Thanks so much

*I'm a big fan of your art, but hadn't tried any of your Laundry & Cleaning line until yesterday....Although my "spring" cleaning has been a tad bit late, once I started using your Lavendar Kitchen & Bath cleaner and I wasn't overwhelmed by chemicals -- it was actually an enjoyable experience. And I never thought I'd say THAT! LOL! Will you please send me a list of your other natural cleaning goodies?

*I used the cleaner and room spray -- my house smells soooo good!

*Finally i can use a product on my clothes and down the drain that i can feel great about for my children, myself and my planet! thank you for making such rad products!!!
*you're doing something super important and it is beautiful to boot so best of both worlds!

*Purchased the cleaning bundle at Eastern Market yesterday. Cleaned kitchen & bathrooms the whole house smelled great and felt clean.

*I have a glass top stove that I've struggled to keep looking good. This cleaner worked beautifully....much better than the commercial brands I have purchased in the past.
*I tried the laundry soap and I absolutely love it!!! The little sachet made my car smell awesome!!

*I had met you at the Fulton Street Farmer's Market this last Sat. and I had purchased some of your laundry soap. I have used it and it is wonderful! The best natural laundry soap I've ever used. And I have tried many of them.

*These are the best products ever!! They would make fabulous holiday gifts!!~

*I was sitting in the car waiting so I picked up the lavender sachet and squeezed it in my fingers.  In no time at all the entire car smelled wonderfully like lavender.  It was wonderful!