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nice things said by nice people...

*I have light Formica counter tops that hold onto stains. I used the cleanser on orange pop stains left overnight. Again, the cleaner did the job.  I'm a customer for life!!!

*Really love her laundry soap for my Cloth Diapers!!!

*Theresa, When I got home last night I plopped my goodies on the counter for the night. When I came down stairs this morning, first thing I was hit with was a waft of lavender goodness. Lovely! Thanks so much

*I'm a big fan of your art, but hadn't tried any of your Laundry & Cleaning line until yesterday....Although my "spring" cleaning has been a tad bit late, once I started using your Lavendar Kitchen & Bath cleaner and I wasn't overwhelmed by chemicals -- it was actually an enjoyable experience. And I never thought I'd say THAT! LOL! Will you please send me a list of your other natural cleaning goodies?

*I used the cleaner and room spray -- my house smells soooo good!

*Finally i can use a product on my clothes and down the drain that i can feel great about for my children, myself and my planet! thank you for making such rad products!!!
*you're doing something super important and it is beautiful to boot so best of both worlds!

*Purchased the cleaning bundle at Eastern Market yesterday. Cleaned kitchen & bathrooms the whole house smelled great and felt clean.

*I have a glass top stove that I've struggled to keep looking good. This cleaner worked beautifully....much better than the commercial brands I have purchased in the past.
*I tried the laundry soap and I absolutely love it!!! The little sachet made my car smell awesome!!

*I had met you at the Fulton Street Farmer's Market this last Sat. and I had purchased some of your laundry soap. I have used it and it is wonderful! The best natural laundry soap I've ever used. And I have tried many of them.

*These are the best products ever!! They would make fabulous holiday gifts!!~

*I was sitting in the car waiting so I picked up the lavender sachet and squeezed it in my fingers.  In no time at all the entire car smelled wonderfully like lavender.  It was wonderful!