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Hand Stamped Lavender Eye Pillow

Hand Stamped Lavender Eye Pillow

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lavender eye pillow *hand stamped*

Lavender eye pillows hand stamped by me using iconic designs and then filled with WA. grown lavender and flaxseed.  Eye Pillows provide relief when chilled for puffy eyes, migraine, or warmed in the microwave for relief from dry eyes, headaches, migraine, neck ache, or with no heat for relaxation, falling asleep, or my favorite, yoga shavasana. 

Lavender is known for its calming and soothing properties, and flaxseed provides acupressure.

You will receive one eye pillow, please choose your design choice from photos in variants.

*if stored in freezer - place in plastic bag to protect from condensation and to preserve scent.


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