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natural lavender laundry soap refill - no scoop

The Old White House

natural lavender laundry soap refill - no scoop

$ 8.00

For our return customers we carry our laundry soap without the tablespoon wooden scoop.  You will receive the same handcrafted vegan natural lavender laundry soap made from the earths best cleaners and a generous helping of coconut oil soap for softness and natural antibacterial fighting properties plus organic lavender essential oil to make your laundry day one of pure pleasure, just sans the scoop.


Our soap cleans so well that you only have to use 1 TBSP scoop in an HE machine and 2 TBSP scoop in a standard machine.

All of our products are made to be used sparingly, so a little goes a long way! 

sodium borate, sodium carbonate, vegan coconut oil soap, pure therapeutic grade French Grosso lavender essential oil

16 ounce reusable cloth bag.

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