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organic lavender dryer sachet in colorful fabric

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organic lavender dryer sachet in colorful fabric

$ 8.00

This is our little pillow of aromatherapy heaven.  Made with 3/4 cup of organic French Grosso lavender that has been infused with pure therapeutic grade lavender essential oil for a little boost of that wonderful lavender scent, stuffed into natural colorful cotton in various patterns.  

Give it a gentle squeeze and toss it into the dryer with your laundry for a fresh from the garden scent on your clothes.

These are also lovely stored in your dresser drawer, suitcase, tucked in your pillow, desk drawer, car, gym get the picture! 

organic French Grosso lavender, pure therapeutic grade French Grosso lavender essential oil, natural cotton 

If using in the dryer, to preserve freshness keep your dryer sachet stored in a sealed container when not in use.

*fabric color & design will be selected at random by me, unless specified in comments.

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