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reusable hand warmers

reusable hand warmers

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Measuring 3”x3” these soft flannel hand warmers are filled with crushed walnut shells, which is wonderful at retaining heat. 

Place in your microwave for 10 seconds (to start) it takes very little time to heat these up!  Tuck them inside your gloves or coat pockets, and they will last 20-30 minutes.  They are great for kids on their way to school,or your morning walk, taking the pups out for a walk, or to stay warm when waiting for your car to warm up… perfect for everyone who lives in a chilly climate!  

Each hand warmer will have its own unique pattern due to the nature of cutting small squares from the cloth.  I try to make sure that one of the hand warmers has a focal point in the pattern.  

 2 hand warmers packaged in a plastic sleeve with label and instructions.  

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